Canine Nutrition Workshop - Skin Disease & Nutritional Management


There is an easy way to help your four legged friend feel comfortable and happy in their skin and tummy again that is more affordable than commercial dog food, that can easily be made at home. 

This workshop is an Introduction in MHD-Modified Human Diet; home-made complete and balanced food that will heal and prevent gastro intestinal problems.

Come along and join us for this amazing opportunity to learn how to easily support the health of your dog. The right diet helps in so many valuable ways through-out every dogs life, including health, agility and mobility, dental health, behavior and more. 

Dr Malina will show us how we can make Nutritionally Balanced, Complete & Tasty Meals for our dogs at home.

Dr Malina Will Cover Topics Including:

  • The Connection between itchy skin (pruritus) in dogs and gastro intestinal problems.
  • What Vets Don’t Tell You – YOU can help heel and repair the intestinal cells with FOOD.
  • Why a commercial dog food diet CANNOT be fed to dogs with gastro intestinal problems.


Dr Malina Will Also Explain:

  • The connection between vaccines and food allergies.
  • Why beef protein is the number one allergen for dogs.
  • About cereal protein and food intolerance in dogs and how it happens. 
  • About gluten intolerance in dogs and how to reverse it.


We Will Also Explore:

  • Whether a raw food diet will help your dog with skin problems.
  • How to check the value of your “raw” diet and what supplements to add. 
  • The Whole Prey diet, manganese deficiency and influence on ligaments injuries. 


You'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy and cost effective this can be. You will quickly see the positive changes and your dog will love you for it (so will your heart and your hip pocket).

Workshop details

135 Sydney Street, New Farm
East Brisbane

WHEN: Sunday 19th May 2019

TIME: 9:30am to 2pm

COST: $ 98/person - brunch, tea, coffee included.

Pay by Paypal, or credit card OTP when booking a place. For bookings Call Animal Wellness on 33242291.

This Workshop Is An Absolute Wealth Of Knowledge & Value Packed!