Vets All Natural Health Chews - Training Treats

AUD19.50 each

These liver flavoured TRAINING TREATS are a positive, low-cost reward for adult dogs and puppies. They are Omega 3 boosted to support brain function and development and are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. There are 500 mini treats in each 275g jar. Ingredients: Liver, Dolomite, Omega 3, Flax seed, Prebiotic, Kelp granules, Lecithin granules, Parsley powder, Barley grass powder, Milk thistle, Grape seed, Ginger, Green tea, Wheat germ, Vitamin C, Garlic powder, Colostrum powder, Zinc chelate, Boron chelate. Suggested Mini Treats Daily Offering Adult Max 60 (Dogs over 10kg) Puppy Max 30 (Up to 10kg)