Therapeutic Massage for Dogs and Cats - Weekend Course

Saturday 25 May 2019, 8am - 1:30pm, and Sunday 26 May 9am - 3pm.
Animal Wellness Vet Clinic,
1016 Stanley Street East, East Brisbane 4169

Who Should Attend This Course? This course is an intensive training weekend on therapeutic massage for pets and is ideally suited to dedicated pet owners, vets, vet students, and vet nurses.

Animal Massage Time!

A Weekend Course on Therapeutic Massage for Dogs and Cats


What is the Purpose of This Course? Therapeutic massage is more than “patting your pet!” Massage can be exceptionally useful for calming pets, and for pets with behaviour problems. It is a useful tool for the examination process, and helps veterinary consultations to be much more relaxed for both the vet and the pet. Therapeutic massage is an excellent means of rehabilitating an animal following cruciate, spinal, abdominal or any orthopaedic surgical procedure. Massage has great therapeutic benefits for allergic skin disease, immune system dysfunction and geriatric arthritis.

So the purpose of this two-day course is to teach you techniques which will increase your sensitivity to understand, manage, relate to, and calm your pet at home, or your patients in the veterinary setting.

Expected Outcomes: The skills involved in massage are trainable and involve little outlay. The tools of your trade are your hands. A mat or table helps. When you attend this course, please wear comfortable clothing to allow you to move freely with the demonstration dogs.

At course completion you will have full understanding of:

  • How to apply trigger point pressure to problem areas
  • How to calm a dog/cat using the triangle acupressure points
  • How to find restriction of movement bilaterally
  • Where basic acupressure points are found Content
  • Techniques used in Remedial Massage
  • What is Cross Fibre Mobilisation and how that can help with healing
  • Then techniques and benefits of Advanced Deep Tissue Massage
  • Shiatsu/Tui Na (Acupressure massage), demonstration & application
  • What is Myofunctional Physical Therapy and how this can be a useful tool in Vet Practice


Join Us For This Value Packed Weekend Course! 

 Cost: $495 (student/pensioner $200) which includes:

  • Complete set of course notes
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Coffee and tea provided
  • Morning and afternoon tea/light refreshments
  • Practice on live greyhounds


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or email us:

Call (07) 3324 2291 for more info

Dr. Elaine Cebuliak

Dr. Elaine will be speaking on Animal Massage for Rehabilitation. Learn how to ease musculoskeletal problems, such as chronic osteoarthritis and muscle tendon strains, and how following surgery, these techniques help prevent scar tissue and can even detect any unknown injuries. 

After moving to Brisbane in 1996, Elaine performed locum work at many practises around Brisbane and even built and sold a new surgery in Brisbane. She presently performs referral work, teaching, running workshops and locums under her business name “Animal Wellness” in Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide.

Elaine has lectured in Acupuncture and Dentistry internationally and throughout Australia. She has also travelled extensively throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Bali, The Cook Islands, and India where she performed volunteer Veterinary work at the latter three locations. Currently she is supporting Dr Bayu with his reforestation projects in Indonesia, helping to coordinate ecotours. Elaine has helped set up a charity vet clinic in Bodhgaya, the Bihar province in Northern India, where she has ongoing communication. This organisation became registered as Vets Beyond Borders and has now become Internationally recognised as one of the leading groups in animal welfare in third world countries.

Politically held past positions include President of the Central Queensland (AVA) Australian Veterinary Association in 1990 and Secretary/Treasurer in 1989. Elaine has been Newsletter Editor of the (AVDS) Australian Veterinary Dental Society, President of the Holistic Veterinary Association, Publicity Officer, Queensland Representative of the Holistic SIG of the AVA.