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We have moved!!!

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As of Monday 3rd July 2017 we will be operating as usual from our new amazing location in East Brisbane!!

This is a fantastic venue where we can expand our range and services for your pets.

The new addess is 1016 Stanley Street East (crn Edgar St) East Brisbane.

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Whole food nutrition is the basis of a healthy life.

We can help you with both general nutritional advice and also an individual diet tailored to meet specific needs, such as -


  • Cancer Care
  • Kidney Disease and
  • Liver Disease


Treatment diets for Dogs

The Chinese proverb “you become what you eat” is true for feeding pets.

Pet foods that are full of harmful pesticides, preservatives, food colouring, and chemicals have been linked to disease.

If you want your pet to have a shiny healthier coat, with sweeter breath and stools then you must feed a wholesome diet.

If your pet has particular problems, then there are Nutritional Treatment guides that you can follow to help it.

Here are some suggested recipes.

Wherever possible buy organic foods. For overweight dogs substitute brown rice for potatoes and for white rice.


Disclaimer: Each animal is an individual and must be monitored for weight gain and loss and general health on any diet regime. These diets are an aid and may not suit specific individuals and we recommend a diagnosis and thorough work up be performed by our qualified veterinarians. Treatments will be combined with both traditional and complementary medicine and modalities as required