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Cat Spaying

This October to November our clinic will be participating in our own project: Cat Spay fix the LITTER!

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In an attempt to decrease the number of unwanted and dumped kittens that will come about every year in November - February. That is the direct result of cats not being "fixed" in early spring, which is ON NOW!

So if you are the owner of a cat and are on a pension, are a student, or have recently lost employment please show cause (eg Centrelink card, pension card etc) and book in during the next two weeks from Wednesday- Friday for Cat spays (female) and castrations (male) for this highly subsidised (by US! ie no government funding or support- so please do not abuse our generosity!! We still have overheads, rent, staff wages, drug bills to pay etc etc).

You have 2 weeks to "fix" your problem compassionately. We really hate to hear of kittens being killed, drowned, hit on the head etc etc.

If anyone wants to help subsidise the poor, we have a client on our data base called "PAY IT FORWARD" AND YOU CAN DONATE for others in there too. Some of our dear charity groups are struggling to even pay us, so that would be welcome relief for them. This is the "dark side" of the pet population and the humanity of what we do.

Cheers all, its only $75.00 for female spay (unless preggies) and $45 for cat castrations.