Our Stellar Staff

Learn about our excellent staff, their illustrious careers and exciting hobbies, their much loved pets, and why they are so passionate about what they do!

Dr Elaine Cebuliak

After moving to Brisbane in 1996, Elaine performed locum work at many practises around Brisbane and even built and sold a new surgery in Brisbane. She presently performs referral work, teaching, running workshops and locums under her business name “Animal Wellness” in Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide.

Elaine has lectured in Acupuncture and Dentistry internationally and throughout Australia. She has also travelled extensively throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Bali, The Cook Islands, and India where she performed volunteer Veterinary work at the latter three locations. Currently she is supporting Dr Bayu with his reforestation projects in Indonesia, helping to coordinate ecotours. Elaine has helped set up a charity vet clinic in Bodhgaya, the Bihar province in Northern India, where she has ongoing communication. This organisation became registered as Vets Beyond Borders and has now become Internationally recognised as one of the leading groups in animal welfare in third world countries.

Previously, from 1983 to 1996 Elaine established two mixed practises in the Gladstone area, running them simultaneously from 1992. Her practises employed two veterinarians as well as ancillary staff where she maintained personal interests in avian (wildlife, pet and ratite), dental (small animals) and general small animal medicine. The practise made regular rural visits.

Politically held past positions include President of the Central Queensland (AVA) Australian Veterinary Association in 1990 and Secretary/Treasurer in 1989. Elaine has been Newsletter Editor of the (AVDS) Australian Veterinary Dental Society, President of the Holistic Veterinary Association, Publicity Officer, Queensland Representative of the Holistic SIG of the AVA.


  • Diploma in Education (Dip Ed), Uni. Qld,
  • Veterinary Science: Bachelor of Veterinary Science (B.V.Sc.),
  • Membership in Dentistry (M.A.C.V.Sc.) 2000 by examination,
  • IVAS certification, Veterinary Acupuncture,
  • Several postgraduate Participation certificates in the following: Cardiology, Heartworm Symposium, Ophthalmology, Dentistry,
  • Surgery, Acupuncture, laboratory procedures and pathology, Feline medicine,
  • Scuba Certificate 1980 and updated 1985, 2010,
  • Diploma in RemedialMassage/Reflexology 2006 AIAS- Australian Institute of Applied Science,
  • Certification in Shiatsu, Tui Na, aromatherapy, and advanced remedial techniques,
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine course 2006, Cathay Herbal (human) Certificate 2008,
  • Qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist, Western Herbal Medicine with advanced Diploma from AIAS 2014, ANTA registered professional.

Previous employment includes

  • RSPCA as a full time employee in Sydney,
  • locum work in Tauranga and Twizel, New Zealand,
  • various clincs in Qld, Townsville, and NSW,
  • founding an Integrative Vet Medicine in Brisbane, Queensland in 2010 called “Animal Wellness” which employs another P/T vet, and several nursing staff.


Hobbies and Interests

Her children (Zoe & Ben) have moved out of home. Elaine now has elderly parents who require some maintenance and this has led her to study Certification in Aged Care. She has a keen interest in Complementary and Integrative Veterinary Medicine (CAVM) including herbal therapies and acupunctureresearch into CAVM, Veterinary Dentistry, lecturing, Veterinary further education. Elaine also finds time for traveling, charity veterinary work in third world countries, art, snorkeling, scuba diving, pottery, and photography.

Dr Malina Fielder - Veterinarian & Holistic Animal Nutritionist

Dr Malina Fielder

Dr Malina Fielder is passionate about animals, interested in animal rights, pets as well as farm animals.
She has 14 years of experience in nutrition, small animal medicine and surgery.
Her interest is in holistic medicine and alternative medicine.
Malina is an excellent surgeon and enjoys solving complicated medical cases.

Hobbies and Interests: Books, painting, sculptures and dance.

Dr Malina also runs regular Animal Nutrition Workshops in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, and is the published author of:

  • MHD For Dogs - Modified Human Diet for Dogs
  • MHD For Vegan Ovovegetarian and Pescetarian Dogs - Modified Human Diet for Dogs.



I first started nursing almost 30yrs ago doing hydrobaths on the weekends, since then I have worked with many and varied animals over the years.

I have completed a number of professional courses since then, including becoming a Canine Remedial Massage and Hydrotherapy Therapist. I am currently studying a Diploma in Veterinary Acupuncture & Animal Physiotherapy, as well as many shorter courses adding to my experience which I can put to good use for my patients and their owners.

Working at Animal Wellness has opened my eyes up to endless possibilities that can be done for our animals.

I love what I do and am always trying to find ways to help the animals in my care in any way possible.

I currently have in my menagerie of dogs, cats, birds, sheep, cows & a horse.



Please welcome Jacqui, she has been nursing for about 12yrs. Jacqui has a passion for dog behaviour with

qualifications in this field.

Jacqui owns multiple animals and loves keeping busy with doing dog sports like lure coursing and weight pulling. Jacqui is looking forward to learning more about Acupuncture & natural remedies for animals.


Theresa's association with the clinic began in 2013 when she sought holistic palliative care options for her Pharoah Hound with advanced metastasized cancer.

From 2013 to present day she has studied and practiced animal healing & massage. Theresa commenced working at the clinic as a part-time Vet Nurse in 2018.

Over the years her animal companions have included dogs, cats, mice, rats, quail, hens, guinea pigs & ducks.

Theresa can frequently be found conversing with wild and domesticated non-human animals. Though she has a soft spot for horses & especially donkeys, she's not keen on ticks, mosquitos or close encounters with eastern browns.


Terry grew up in Taiwan and moved to Australia with his family at the age of 9yrs old. Living in Brisbane for the last 20yrs he is slowly becoming acclimatized and share the love of the Australian outdoors. Being a fluent trilingual (English, Mandarin & Taiwanese) speaker, it has a lot of beneficial help around the clinic.

Terry has always had animals in his life, he has been working in the veterinary industry since 2014 as a trainee, since then Terry has graduated from UQ with a Bachelor of Veterinary Technology in 2017. He is passionate about all areas of nursing, his areas of expertise include surgical nursing, dentistry, weight program, hydrobathing & continuous education. Terry also has a keen interest In Puppy PreSchool Training & Behaviour and the acupuncture/physiotherapy treatments.

Terry is the very proud owner of a gorgeous and loyal German Shepherd. Outside of work hours Terry enjoys water sports, Ice skating, cooking, camping & spending quality time with family & friends.


My name is Elisha and I am a Certificate 3 veterinary nurse with over 5 years’ experience working within the veterinary industry.

I have always loved the idea of working with animals and have always craved to work with domestic animals and help them as well as try to understand their everyday habits as well as take care of my own animals when they are sick. When I was young, I grew up in Petrie and there were always sick animals around and I always wanted to help them. So as I grew older, my career path took me to the skies where I am currently a flight attendant however still craved to work with animals so after my son was born, I decided to do some-thing about it.

Before I enrolled into Certificate 3 in veterinary nursing, I signed up as a volunteer at RSPCA Wacol in the desex clinic where all the isolation, de-sexing and surgeries are performed. This was an eye opener as you are involved in helping with preparing animals for de-sexing as well as watching in surgeries and learning the basic skills needed to prepare you. After volunteering for a few weeks, I found that I could handle the ins and outs of a veterinary practice and enrolled in my Certificate 3 at TAFE and now on the path to completing my certificate 4 in veterinary nursing.

Working at animal wellness is a huge advantage as there is natural medicine as well as Chinese medicine.


Elytis is the newest member of the Nurse team at Animal Wellness. Elytis is from Hong Kong and graduated from UQ in 2019 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Technology. Elytis was interested in what we have to offer that is non-invasive & alternative, when medications or surgery are not an option, she is enjoying continuous everyday learning.

Elytis’s interests & hobbies are Novels, photography also chilling with dogs & cats.


My name is Amanda I'm a senior groomer and this is my Schmoodle Steve. Ive always had a real passion for animals so my career as a dog groomer over the past 10 yrs has felt like I've never worked a day in my life. I started as a volunteer in a grooming salon and worked my way towards Salon Manager then Teaching people how to groom. Im really looking forward to share my knowledge and love for the industry in my new position with Animal Wellness.
I can't wait to meet you and your fur babies and look forward to building a successful relationship with you.

Our Staff for Human Health

Gurmail Kaur

I am from Malaysia and love Australia my home now. In my previous life, I was working in the cooperate world of golf course management and working with nature, a horticulturist and garden designer. Loving plants, being in nature has brought me into a world of healing using what nature provides.
I am a Healer in many modalities; Naturopathy, Vibrational Medicine & Guided Meditation.

Sam Lluisé

A safe space for women that have had their world rocked by mental unwellness, to come together, to be heard, hold space for one another, and to gain knowledge from a Naturopath who has walked the mental unwellness journey and come out the other side!

Tomoko Nakagiri

Tomoko combines a range of healing practices, integrating Eastern healing philosophy and Western methodology including Japanese-style acupuncture, naturopathy and remedial massage, into a unique holistic treatment for your body.

She believes your wellbeing is best maintained through balancing of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. The treatment she offers helps to address these dimensions of your being, with results that are both therapeutic and relaxing.

If you need help managing pain, recovering from injury or surgery, support for women’s health, or weight management, talk to Tomoko today.

Tomoko was born in Japan and is a proud Queenslander of more than 30 years.