WOOOHOOO!! The dream is being realized, the fun has begun!!

Paws 4 Art is now happening in the shed right next door to Animal Wellness. 

With a variety of fun and easy art classes on offer, you are bound to find something to excite and inspire. Right now we have painting and pottery classes - everything you need is included!!

We will also be running other types of workshops and information sessions, and soon will be serving some yummy Probiotic & Perkii drinks.

Family and friends are welcome, this creative and welcoming space has been created with the local community in mind.

Esther Hill - Artist In Residence

About Esther

Lives in the 'now', appreciate nature, wildlife, and viewing the world in all its ugliness and beauty. Laughing. Music appreciation, art, movies, movies, and more movies!

Keeps all things simple. 

Self-taught artist.  Art is my passion

Amateur photographer.

Speaks English, Cantonese, and PNG Pidgin English.

PAINTING on fridays.... Ceramics/Pottery on Tuesdays

Happening now - acrylic painting lessons

Acrylic painting lesson - learn how to make an attractive painting in one easy lesson!

We also have Essential oils to make Christmas gifts, perfume, after shave, and Ceramics.

You are welcome to stay for the day. Cafe 63 and the Smug Fig and an awesome Calamari/fish and chip shop across the Street available for lunch. Purchase as many tickets as you need, but there is a limit on the day so you could give tickets as a voucher for Xmas presents for another day.


This first one is an early start Friday as an introduction. 10am, see you there! Tickets are $69.50 plus GST for adults and $49.50 for students, nurses and vets.

100% of the profits go to our charity groups.

Just one of the beautiful landscapes created at our last workshop!

Anyone can do this, it's easy and fun - no experience needed! Our wonderful Artist In Residence, Esther, will walk you through each step to creating your very own masterful canvas.

All equipment, paints and canvas are included in the price, so why not come along and join us in our next painting session?

Paint Pouring

So much fun, lots of mess, abounding colors and textures, perfect for anyone!!

As with all of our workshops, you get to take your beautiful new creations home with you to add some vibrance to your castle and impress your friends!

These were done on ready-to-hang canvases.

Essential Oils Workshop - Last Sunday of each month

The last Sunday of each month will be an Essential Oils Workshop, using quality essential oils!

Learn how to use these magnificent oils to help:

  • musculoskeletal problems,
  • pain,
  • gut ache,
  • and more!

Have fun making your own perfumes, aftershave, and calming sprays for your doggie.

We make bath bombs too!

Ceramics Workshop - Tuesdays

Come along to our Ceramics Workshops, every Tuesday!

Make your dog/cat a feeding bowl or decorate a bowl...

Throw a pot on our wheel...

Hand build a sculpture...

We have a variety of beautiful glazes to choose from, get your 'Ghost' on and get creative!!

From raw clay right through to your own creation, glazed and fired, ready to take home and proudly display.

Great for all ages and stages, this workshop is so much fun!!

All lessons are $69.50 plus GST for adults, and $49.50 for students, vets and nurses. All materials, kiln fire, glazes, paints etc. are included.