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Anita P - QLD

To the Team at Animal wellness, Thank you Very Much!

Just wanted to share my heartfelt thanks for all your assistance with my cat. I am pleased to report that his blood count has returned to normal without any steroids. (previous vet gave very poor prognosis and specialists as well)

Dr Elaine thank you so much for offering natural therapies to animals and for treating more than just the symptoms.

Our cat is back to his normal self and looking healthier than ever! Bless you guys.

Saras15 - Holland Park West, QLD

We have been going to Animal Wellness for about 2 years with our 2 dogs. We started going there after being dissatisfied by the service at other places. Elaine and her staff (especially Zoe) are very friendly and genuinely care about your animal. Previously we had been told that our dog, at the age of 2 would be on steroids for his life and it "would just be a short life". Under Elaine's care he has been nearly 2 years steroid free.

Elaine looks at the animal from a holistic view but isn't against traditional medicines so you get the best of both worlds. If you have ever been unhappy with how your dog / animal is being treated then I would urge you to try Elaine. She has completely changed how we look after our dogs now. They run to the practice door every time we go so it would seem they love her too!

Jenm968 - QLD

After spending more than $13,000 at other vets on my 2 year old Australian Bulldog, Floyd, I thank the universe for Elaine!

He had stones in his bladder and the previously prescribed medication to prevent this almost killed him & caused the most horrible skin condition, as he was highly allergic, he then also developed pancreatitis & almost died from that!

Elaine helped me to formulate a natural diet which compliments both his conditions- (I make his food myself- she didn't sell it to me) as well as helping me to work out the right dose of bi carb soda to stop him getting the bladder stones as he couldn't take the medication.

He turned 7 in February & since he has been on Elaine's plan, he is happy & healthy & I just love him to bits - so grateful to Elaine as I had been advised to put him down as he couldn't take the medication.

I have recommended Elaine over the years to many people with numerous issues with their fur babies & I have never heard a single complaint. She is also very reasonably priced for the miracles she performs.

28e231b1 - QLD

We have been taking our dog to Elaine and the team at Animal Wellness for 3 years. We live on the Gold Coast and are more than happy to make the trip as Elaine has helped us make a very sick young dog into a happy healthy 4 year old!

We love the knowledge that Elaine has and the use of both holistic and traditional medicine, I tell everyone we meet out walking about Animal Wellness and especially Elaine as I believe we may not still have our beautiful boy around if it wasn't for everything they do, you can tell from your 1st visit that their love for animals is very genuine.

rossr1 - Springwood, QLD

We had just spent $5000 at another Vets to fix our dog's eye and the result was we can't do anything to fix the eye.

Spoke to Elaine over the phone and she said it can be fixed. It took about 3 to 4 months and in the end my dog could blink again and it only cost about $700.

Approximate cost: $700

virginiaw3 - Morningside, QLD

Mickey our dog was well looked after, she recovered quickly and is looking great! Eating bones again, no bad breath and chasing cars and people up & down the fence!

lleo1 - Brackenridge, QLD

Elaine was the third vet we had visited and the first to give us some answers. She could see things that others couldn't and has implemented treatment that was achieving visible results in an otherwise paralyzed dog.

Her understanding and approach in holistic medicine for animals would be beneficial for anyone needing some answers. Although for us it is a long road ahead and our visit today wasn't cheap, it was much cheaper than the 'specialist' option we had been advised to take and I'm sure will see better results than any western medicine option would give.

craigp7 - QLD

Super nice and genuine people. Very knowledgeable in all aspects of animal health and being a holistic vet offer a wide variety of treatment options that are hard to find anywhere else.

I have been to many other veterinary practices but they just don't compare in terms of knowledge, treatment options, cost and an indisputable love for animals. Animal Wellness in my opinion are second to none.

- Animal Wellness Holistic Vet - Brisbane