TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine

Most disease conditions transpire over many months to years of accumulation and will require time to un-veil the underlying root problem. Often, there are drastic changes within the first eight weeks of taking the herbs…this does not mean you are done.

Most patterns of disease have to be peeled away one or two layers at a time. Everyone is different and requires special attention and varying formulas to finally balance the body and mind. For instance, taking the herbs for an excess condition [for example: a urinary tract infection] could take a few days to a week.

A chronic condition, cultivated over many years [for example: a weak digestion] will take constant attention to balance. Multiple chronic conditions [for example a combination of: asthma, depression, skin conditions…] can take many months of herbal therapy. This usually includes a possible change of lifestyle, regulated diet and a daily internal/external exercise regimen.

Complex, Traditional Chinese Medicine Patterns can be cultivated over many years or initially be a part of your genetic make-up or both. These patterns can only be viewed by a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner using the Chinese Medicine model of viewing your body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is both based on preventive medicine and balancing deep, difficult patterns and disharmonies. With this in mind, there must be an understanding and commitment to the Traditional Chinese Medicine method of affecting these pattern(s) by working on the root cause which in most cases is a time intensive task.

This method requires discipline, patience and an open mind. Anything less will prove to be a waste of time and energy. Revisits initially weekly followed by monthly may be recommended. Occasionally we can follow these cases via phone check ups, please book suitable appointment times for visits with the receptionist as required.

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