"Car Sicknesss" is an informative eBook that offers practical solutions to help dogs overcome car sickness and enjoy stress-free car rides. Written by Dr. Elaine Cebuliak, a renowned veterinarian, this comprehensive guide provides effective remedies and techniques to prevent nausea and vomiting in dogs during car travel.

The eBook begins by addressing the common issue of car sickness in dogs and acknowledges the challenges it poses to both the dog and its owner. Dr. Cebuliak empathizes with new puppy owners who want to share joyful car rides with their furry companions but struggle with their pups feeling sick and vomiting. She assures readers that there are remedies available to alleviate this problem.

The eBook introduces a homemade ginger biscuit recipe that can be given to the dog 20 minutes before and during car rides. Ginger is known for its soothing properties and can help reduce nausea. Dr. Cebuliak emphasizes making the car a pleasant place by feeding all meals on newspaper in the car for a week and encouraging positive associations with the car through cuddling and treats.

The eBook provides a detailed recipe for homemade ginger biscuits, using ingredients such as apples, carrots, LSA (ground linseed, sunflower, and almond seeds), brown rice flour, barley, millet flour, flax oil, spirulina, and ginger powder. The biscuits can be baked and given to the dog as a treat before car rides.

Additionally, the eBook discusses the use of raw ginger and Nux Vomica homeopathy to combat car sickness. The author explains how to extract ginger juice, mix it with honey and Nux Vomica drops, and administer it to the dog. This natural remedy can be effective in reducing car sickness symptoms.

The eBook also covers calming techniques, such as T-touch and acupressure, which can help relax dogs during car rides. It provides instructions on practicing these techniques and suggests specific acupressure points to massage. Dr. Cebuliak also highlights the potential benefits of Rescue Remedy, Nux Vomica, and Cocculus in homeopathic form for dogs with car sickness, depending on their individual symptoms and personality.

"Preventing Car Sickness in Dogs" offers a comprehensive approach to tackling car sickness and aims to provide dog owners with practical solutions to ensure enjoyable and nausea-free car rides. With its remedies, recipes, and techniques, this eBook is a valuable resource for dog owners seeking to alleviate their pets' car sickness and create positive travel experiences.

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