Hot discussion right now is "are we over vaccinating our pets?"  

Here is data from one of the nurses at Animal Wellness:  

6 year old blue cattle dog.  

Immunised as a puppy in 2011.  

No vaccinations since.  

A titre test was done on this dog today.  

If you don't know - the titre test is a service provided by us which indicates your dog's immunity level to hepatitis, parvovirus and distemper.  The test can be performed on cats also.  All from a simple blood test.  

The test is run in house and takes 20 mins to have results.  

Our nurse's 6 year old dog - today's case study - with no vaccinations since 2011, had immunity levels of hepatits 4, pavovirus 6 and distemper 5.  6 is the highest level achievable (1 the lowest).  Anything above a 3 does not require vaccination.  

An immunity certificate is provided and this certificate is accepted by kennels, doggy day care centres, etc as your pet being fully up to date with  vaccinations.  

Interesting thought to ponder. 

Are we overloading our pets with toxins from vaccines they don't require.  

Book in today for a titre test to get the results for yourself.